Out of style – 5/13

Diana’s hands burned from the handles digging into her palms. The square bags thumped in rhythm with her strides as she and Frankie traversed the last of the tiles that coated the mall floor.

“And I was going to tell him…”

“Hold on…” Diana said, cutting off Frankie’s story with an awkward wave of her burdened arm.

Diana tottered over to the rack poking out from around a trio of well dressed mannequins. The paper crinkled as she dropped the shopping bags to her sides. Her mouth gaped open.

“Can you believe it?” Her hands reached out and fondled the tassels dangling off the leather.

“No.” Frankie hoisted her purse strap onto her shoulder and swapped her shopping bags from one hand to the other. “That thing needs to be burned.”

“What?” Diane flashed her a sharp look as her hands worked the shoulders of the jacket off the plastic hanger. She twirled the magenta beast around to lay against her chest. The metal beads at the end of the tassels clicked and swayed. Diana turned to Frankie and struck a pose. “It’s gorgeous.”

“You have got to be kidding me. Nothing should be that pink with that many sequins except a tutu.”

“Frankie…” Diana clutched the jacket with both arms. The thick leather groaned in the embrace.

“Diana..really?” Frankie tentatively walked forward. She let her fingers touch the shiny fabric for a moment. Shaking her head, she raised her eyes off of the shine and glitter. She absently rubbed the tips of her fingers as if trying to wipe away something sticky. “What would you possibly wear it with?”

“I don’t know.” Diana brightened and she held the jacket out so she could better examine the silver dots lining the shoulders and trailing down the arms. “I used to wear something like this with leggings…”


Diana shrugged. “It was a while ago. But damn did I look good.”

“Yeah, because everyone else was dressed like that too. Hell, I probably had leg warmers and hair teased up to the roof.” Frankie folded her arms. “But it’s just not done any more.”

“Someone thinks so. It’s for sale.”

“Yeah, super sale,” countered Frankie. Her red tipped finger flicked out to the sunny sign propped up above the rack.

Diana lowered her arms as her eyes descended on the sign. “Oh…”

“It’s about as far out of style as a corset.” Frankie tucked away a fallen strand of ebony dyed hair around her ear and dangling gold ear ring.

“Maybe,” Diana said softly, her eyes lingering on the large discount. Her fingers tightened around the leather. The sequins were cool against her fingers. “But it’s still going to be mine.”

“You’re wasting your money,” warned Frankie.

“It’s mine to spend.” Diana folded the jacket over her arm and scooped up her bags. “Don’t worry. I’ll warn you when I’m going to wear it.”

Frankie shook her head as they turned towards the cashier. “You won’t need to. I’ll see that coming from across town.”

Diana rolled her eyes and quickened her step. With a sway of her purse and crunch of her bags, Frankie caught up in a half dozen strides.

“You know…” Frankie started quietly.

Diana let free a heavy sigh. “What?”

“I might still have those leg warmers…” She caught Diana’s eyes and the two burst out into girlish laughter.


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